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Hi, I'm Judi


Judi was born and raised in Reno, NV.  She grew up in a caring home that allowed her to be expressive in many ways and flourished in school.  As a child she was able to take part in many activities that the Sierras have to offer including skiing, hiking, camping, and boating.  She was educated and began her career in Kansas, but returned to help her family and fell in love with Northern Nevada again.  Having gained the love of running, she can be found at most local running events.  She and her husband Thom also are regularly camping and kayaking with their two dogs.  The cats prefer to remain home for such activities.


In a reboot of her career, Judi attended Friends University and obtained her Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors in Accounting.  She was also an adjunct instructor at Butler Community College, teaching accounting.  Her experience has been in several industries, as most industries need accountants, but has been a financial controller in nonprofit, construction, senior living, and private equity.  She enjoys budgets and streamlining processes in her work.  She has recently become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Judi has also been a business owner, and had a cruise travel agency, but due in part to the pandemic decided to close it.


Putting My Experience
to Work

As a financial controller and accountant, I have 14 years experience with cash flow projections, budgets, financial analysis, and more.  I have helped several companies in multiple industries find ways to streamline their process and save money.  These skills can be put to use to support the City of Reno.

Working for and volunteering with different nonprofit organizations has given me the compassion and patience it takes to be a local governmental leader.  The ability to put myself into the shoes of others, and empathize with them is a gift I intend to use to find what is best for our community.

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