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Born and raised in Reno, Judi is an accounting professional with 14 years of experience. She is an MBA and a Certified Management Accountant. Her focus has been on sustainability and process improvement. She knows what it means to make a fiscally responsible and realistic budget.

Looking Towards the Future

When someone leaves the city they grew up in and returns home, the changes can be very obvious.  In the time Judi was away Reno and Washoe County had a significant amount of growth.  While growth can be a fantastic thing for a community, rapid growth can lead to some pain points.  One goal she has is to get ahead of these pains, and stop reactive progress and begin proactive infrastructure planning and development.

Along with all of the rapid growth there has been a lot of housing inflation that has created hardships for a number of Renoites.  Judi would like to promote programs that help relieve these hardships, including affordable housing.

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